[All] To build a better music player

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu Mar 5 03:08:00 CET 2009

>> Except that those ID3 tags have a clear meaning, and "fixing them" to
>> get the sorting to work may imply "breaking them" in the sense that the
>> info they carry is not quite correct any more.
>> Tho, I guess it depends on the details: in which way did you change the
>> ID3 info to solve such problems?

> No, I don't break them for sorting to work, Simply I correct them so I avoid 
> ambiguities.

> For antologies (or double/triple albums)
> * Put the same "disk name","year" and "artist name" labels in every track, 
> * Set "track number" and "track name" labels for every track
> * Set "disk number" label for diferenciating tracks from a disk from tracks 
> from another

> For compilations,
> * Put the same "disk name" and "year" in every track
> * Set "artist name", "track number" and "track name" for every track
> * Set "disk number" if needed

> That way, my labels are *completely correct*, and every well behaved player 
> can order my tracks by album...

Yes, those settings are correct, but they still won't work right if you
have several compilation albums of the same year with the same title.


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