Pulster fixe(s) and rework

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Thu Mar 5 11:33:58 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|>> It was fixed on A6, I'm afraid we just have to let it lie and not use
|>> the AUX LED much as pointed out unless we're on external power.
|> Now that's an idea. How about using it as a battery charging indicator?
|> the orange thing can be used for other purposes then.
| Thats how it is used currently in Om2008.x. Now that I know of the
issue I
| think it would make sense to change the framework to also use this LED
as the
| battery indicator....

| So, please consider changing the framework to use the red LED to
indicate the
| battery charge state.

I don't have any influence over that assignment in any rootfs.

But there's a lot of flexibility about how to tell which LED what you
want it to show.  The existing charging LED stuff is done with LED Triggers


But actually there are a lot of triggers including one for SD card
access.  You can use /sys to assign a particular LED to be under the
control of a particular trigger.  So you can assign the AUX LED to be
controlled by the charging trigger just with an echo.

I did not find a way myself to list the triggers available in the kernel
otherwise I would mention it; if someone found one I'm also interested
to know.

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