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Will Siddall will.siddall at
Thu Mar 5 16:53:29 CET 2009

Hey Pander,
This is a great tool but it does have it's limitations.  Most of the
time, you have to be aware of what you attach to your emails and how
many characters you use.  Just the sheer fact that you can send emails
to an SMS receiver is still great though.
One down fall is the SMS receiver's carrier.  Some carriers are
starting to restrict use of the email-to-SMS conversion (to some
degree) a paid service.  I live in Canada and the only GSM provider in
the area is Rogers.  They've completely locked out this service to a
degree that if you receive an SMS from email, the receiver is notified
that a message has arrived and will have to agree to pay a fee to
receive it.

Unless someone has found ways around this matter, I would look into it
a bit more before you start sending off massive amounts of joke mail
to all of your phone pals.


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> HAs anyone tried this one yet?
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