OpenBmap logger in the feeds (was: Re: Introducing CellHunter)

Onen at
Thu Mar 5 22:51:49 CET 2009


using the openBmap-logger you would have saved the time needed for 
patching, as it has been written using the API from 
the beginning ;-) Thanks to Stefan, the package is now in the feeds: 

opkg install openbmap-logger

The idea is to have nothing more than a logger/uploader to build a
database of GPS positions/GSM data. It does not have the CellHunter game
logic, and you will not get any points. You have been warned! :-)

I have proposed Sebastian to collaborate, at least on a common logging
engine. He is interested, but added he lacks time for a collaborating
project at the moment.

Anyway, the openBmap logger git is public, and I would welcome any
comments and/or patches :-)

That's where the development continues...

Many thanks to Coolcat on the wiki, who has added a page, I have just
discovered it! The Manual (also located in the README file of the
package) can be found here:

For new users, warning: you should create an account on website, and fill the login/password in the
configuration file before upload works. (This is planned to be changed
in the next release, adding a graphical interface for login/password,
please be patients!).


Jan Lübbe wrote:
> Hi!
> I've changed cellhunter to use the FSO Monitor interface as DebugCommand
> is broken with the new parser. You can see my patches at:
> In case you don't use version control, i can easily give you access to
> that repositiory.
> I'll also apply those patches in OE to get cellhunter working again.

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