Feedback on FSO 5.1

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Fri Mar 6 01:20:47 CET 2009

Am Mittwoch, den 04.03.2009, 21:13 -0800 schrieb c_c:
>   I've been using FSO 5.1 for some time now and here is some (late - I know)
> feedback.

Better late than never :)

> I'm using 5.1 with Qi and the standard kernel.
> 1.  The snd_soc_neo1973_gta02_wm8753, modprobe snd-pcm-oss modules do not
> get loaded automatically on startup.

This is strange, that works here.

> 2.  I also need to set up the stereoout.state after startup.

This works here as well. For some reason it seems your card wasn't found
hence the stereoout.state could not be autoset.

> 3.  Need to install libmad to get mp3 ringtones working.

That's expected... patents...

> 4.  After requesting resource Display / CPU and releasing them - automatic
> dimming and suspending stops working (I'm using a rule to suspend the
> freerunner if it's not charging). I think there is a fix for this already.

Correct, has been fixed post-5.1.

> 5.  Need the devel packages for elementary. I've tried the svn and the new
> version has neat sliders. Can we look at moving to the newer version or is
> that unlikely because of the probable dependencies on eina/ecore etc? In
> that case can we have the devel versions in the repository?

5.5 will contain newer packages. Our unstable feed should contain newer
ones as well.

> 6.  Can you point me to some place where I can read up on how to patch the
> build process for FSO packages?
>  I want to patch mplayer to use tremor
> instead of libvorbis. It's an option in mplayer (and there might be some
> breakage too) but where and how so I start any of such stuff?

Packaging issues are OE issues, as we build Openmoko out of OE. Please
have a look at OE's wiki. Feel free to ask further questions on
openembedded-devel at

> 7.  Can rules.yaml be made more flexible such as for eg to allow me to use
> the aux button to choose amongst three volume settings during a call?

I'm not sure whether this is in the scope of oeventsd. It's merely a
convenience layer and I expect real applications (not Zhone) handling
these things on their own, without going through the rules.

> 8.  And to have user configurable brightness settings apart from changing
> rules.yaml and reloading the rules. (Maybe the values could be picked up
> from another file and used thereafter. Just a thought.)

Sure thing, as much as we pick the audio ringtone from the preferences,
we should do the same with brightness. IIRC there's also a bug about
that in FSO trac.

> 9.  Would like to know how to get my bluetooth headset working in the
> interim - till things get all set up in FSO itself. :-)

Please see the lists, Jan posted a howto for that.

> 10.  frameworkd uses upto 70% CPU when changing cells. This is for a brief
> period - but 70%? Isn't that too high? Or is that hit because of python -
> something we need to live with or are there (possible) methods for reducing
> such usage to more acceptable limits?

It's something we have to live with for FSO phase 1. I don't want to
talk much about it since we still have enough to do for phase 1 until
summer, but there will be an FSO phase 2, which is about reimplementing
frameworkd in a compiled language -- based on the lessons learned.


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