[Om2008.9] ButtonPress event for button 3 (right mouse button)

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Fri Mar 6 09:35:35 CET 2009

El día Friday, March 06, 2009 a las 09:27:03AM +0100, Ed Kapitein escribió:

> Sure, it is at http://www.kapitein.org/openmoko/mod_mouse
> But be aware, i run this script on the host where i connect to, not on
> the freerunner itself.
> i use kde, so i added a symlink to the script in ~/.kde/Autostart.
> This way every time i log in to my desktop the xmessage is triggered.
> Hope this helps.

Thanks for that; but I think it does not help me out; this trick would
change the mouse buttons *inside* the desktop presented by the vncviewer
and not in the X11 server running on the FR. It seems that the vncviewer
(vnc_3.3.7-r0, see the other thread in the mailing list with the
 Subject: [Om2008.9] vncviewer vnc_3.3.7-r0 but ...)
needs a right button click into the scrollbars of the vncviewer
application itself to get moved backward (don't know if this is true,
but at least someone said so);

Thanks anyway

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