Upgrade your phone?

Robert Schuster theBohemian at gmx.net
Fri Mar 6 10:57:46 CET 2009

this teasing blog post[0] inspired the following idea. If have no idea
what this thing on the picture will really be but it could be a
mainboard that fits into the case of a freerunner.

The Samsung CPU in the Freerunner is for ARM what a 386 is for x86
architecture. Even the old N770 had a better CPU. We all know that at
the time the Freerunner was designed no better chip was available under
the conditions OM would want them: Freedom and all. :)

However nowadays things have changed a bit and there are also some
'bugs' in the current Freerunner design (Glamo *cough*) which limit
the Freerunner's performance.

Now would'nt it be cool if you could buy a new mainboard containing an
up-to-date armv6/armv7-based CPU, that fits into the Freerunner case and
can be connected to the peripherals that are already there (display, GSM
antenna, buttons, ...).

With the case and hardware specs being available for anyone it not even
neccessary that OM provides such an 'upgrade board'. It could be done by
anyone with the neccessary infrastructure and knowledge.

Heck even we - the community - could probably do something. Have you
seen how small the Overo's[1] are? The design of a mobile phone based on
existing HW by a community was even attempted earlier already[2].


[0] - http://www.om.vptt.ch/site/?p=663
[1] - http://gumstix.com/store/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=211
[2] - http://www.opencellphone.org

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