[QtExtended] Qt Extended 4.4.3 released

Chris Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Fri Mar 6 13:19:47 CET 2009

On Fri, 6 Mar 2009 10:24:54 pm Radek Polak wrote:

> Great, let us know when you are done!

I'm doing a git push now, and it's going to take a long time to finish over 
this ADSL link (it did 3% in about 10 minutes).

When it completes it's going to be here:


Note that what I'm pushing is *not* 4.4.3, it's the original 4.4.2 with an 
extra commit which is the echo fix I previously posted.

It's now gone 11pm here and as I'm involved in a bushfire benefit festival [1] 
tomorrow out at Hurstbridge for people in the Kinglake area of Victoria I 
won't get a chance to do anything more until Sunday as it doesn't finish until 
midnight Saturday!

Then I'll hopefully get a chance to add collaborators and maybe figure out how 
to push 4.4.3 into it too unless someone else wants to do that ? (I'm pretty 
new to git).


[1] - http://www.rockandrebuild.org/

 Chris Samuel  :  http://www.csamuel.org/  :  Melbourne, VIC

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