[Debian] Launch openmoko-panel-plugin functions from .desktop files?

Marcel tanuva at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 8 15:55:34 CET 2009


Since illume doesn't provide a systray (and the screen's too slim for all the 
icons anyway), I'm looking for a way to for example launch the usb-mode- or 
the shutdown/suspend/wifi(on|off)-panel by hand from some .desktop icon 
instead of the (unavailable) systray symbol. I had a look at the code but I 
don't really understand what launches what and when there... As of writing 
this, I remember some of that must be possible through mdbus calls, but does 
frameworkd provide functions for switching usb host/client mode? (Okay, I 
could find that out myself, API docs ftw...)
But the question stays the same: Can I somehow launch these nice panels 


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