How to use other applications with Paroli fullscreen?

Neil Jerram neil at
Sun Mar 8 20:03:17 CET 2009

digger vermont <dv_mlist at> writes:

> I find the decision frustrating.  I guess I don't see why Illume and
> Paroli are at such odds.  With Paroli's current direction it seems to
> mean that if I want to help develop Paroli, as it is meant to be used, I
> must give up using the FreeRunner for anything else.  By isolating
> Paroli in that way it may have the effect of even more fragmentation of
> community resources and less people joining in on its development.  I'll
> tell you, it makes me feel less enthusiastic.  

I agree.  I haven't commented on this before, because I didn't want to
be purely negative; but if others are feeling the same way, perhaps
it's worth adding my voice.

To be honest, my heart fell when I read the very beginning of the
Paroli website: "In a few words one could say: paroli is a new
approach to application development on the openmoko phones."  My
reaction to that?  "Good grief, that's exactly what we DON'T need."
In other words, a new approach is exactly what we don't need - and
especially a new approach that shuts out all previous approaches.

What we need, in my opinion, is the hard work - in terms of QA,
usability, and bugfixing - of polishing what is already out there; not
reinventing the wheel again from scratch.  Frankly, anyone can start a
new approach; that's easy.  The hard part is finally getting to an
actual product.

To make a constructive suggestion: I wonder what the official Openmoko
view is of SHR Testing?  I think it's pretty good, so

- why not help to polish that?

- if not, what _precise_ reasons do OM have for believing that the
  Paroli route will produce (in the near future) something better than


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