How to use other applications with Paroli fullscreen?

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Mon Mar 9 09:41:36 CET 2009

On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 7:40 PM, digger vermont <dv_mlist at> wrote:
>> No you aren't missing anything. Our goal is to provide a distribution
>> that allows the user to use the gta02 as a daily phone. In order to
>> achieve this faster we decided to make certain sacrifices to save time
>> and energy, as our team is only small. One of these was worrying too
>> much about integrating in illume.

I agree with this sentiment - we need a distribution that allows the
gta02 to be a drop-in replacement for a regular phone if we are to see
more adoption of Free Software based Openmoko phones. And, yes, the
Openmoko has many capabilities beyond what Paroli current offers but
this need not be a permanent state of affairs. Besides, a simple user
interface is a real asset these days when most other phones have an
overwhelming amount of features.

> Mirko, thanks for your reply.  However like Scott Petersen, I
> unfortunately feel the need to rant.
> I find the decision frustrating.  I guess I don't see why Illume and
> Paroli are at such odds.  With Paroli's current direction it seems to
> mean that if I want to help develop Paroli, as it is meant to be used, I
> must give up using the FreeRunner for anything else.  By isolating
> Paroli in that way it may have the effect of even more fragmentation of
> community resources and less people joining in on its development.  I'll
> tell you, it makes me feel less enthusiastic.

That is the beauty of the FSO way of doing things - those that want
all the bells and whistles can run SHR, Debian or Gentoo on top of FSO
and those that want a simple user interface can run Paroli (again, on
the FSO platform).



> My desire is to be developing on the FreeRunner.  Paroli seems like a
> good way to go.  I enjoy working with Python, Edje, and now learning
> Elementary.  To that end I have been experimenting with Paroli toward
> the goal of integrating "FSO Control"[0] into it.  Unfortunately the
> time when I can do that is sporadic and, due to those constraints, I
> can't just plain say, "Yes I will be helping with Paroli."  So my
> frustration is also that I can't commit my own support to any large
> degree in an effort to steer Paroli's direction.
> digger
> [0]There is a new release, version 0.2.0, at
>   I've had problems with and haven't had time to make a
>   proper announcement.
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