How to use other applications with Paroli fullscreen?

Friedrich Clausen fred at
Mon Mar 9 09:44:48 CET 2009

>> I find the decision frustrating.  I guess I don't see why Illume and
>> Paroli are at such odds.  With Paroli's current direction it seems to
>> mean that if I want to help develop Paroli, as it is meant to be used, I
>> must give up using the FreeRunner for anything else.  By isolating
>> Paroli in that way it may have the effect of even more fragmentation of
>> community resources and less people joining in on its development.  I'll
>> tell you, it makes me feel less enthusiastic.
> That is the beauty of the FSO way of doing things - those that want
> all the bells and whistles can run SHR, Debian or Gentoo on top of FSO
> and those that want a simple user interface can run Paroli (again, on
> the FSO platform).

To slightly correct myself - People can run Illume and FSO on Debian
or Gentoo rather than the other way around as my previous sentence

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