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Mon Mar 9 09:46:05 CET 2009

At IDA we have started a program of giving away Freerunners to University
students who have an interesting application idea and the skills to make the
application. One of our first applicants is Sanjay Srikanth from Indian
Institute of Technology, Mumbai. I would appreciate feedback from the
community on the usefulness and viability of the application idea and also
if someone is interested in mentoring the project.

Sanjay's wiki page and application idea is given below.

"I was thinking of a Handy tool for the free runner.I would like comments
from the people about this Project.Its actually about the Image processing.
(bot- robot) As the free runner doesnt have a web cam we need to interface
it with an external one.That is possible through bluetooth or may be a data
cable and then configuring it.The bot which i am talking about is We will
make a bot which is fixed with a webcam.The image can be seen in the phone
by interfacing the phone and the webcam by means of wireless
communication.After taking a snapshot of an area we would mark a region in
that image.The bot would trace that area.I mean if we draw a line on the
image in the phone say from point A to point B then the bot will trace that



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