Pulster fixe(s) / adding caps for bass

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at hist.no
Mon Mar 9 12:01:56 CET 2009

Andy Green wrote:

> I did this rework thismorning just to see how possible it is.  I wrote
> up the following document about it
> http://people.openmoko.org/andy/additional-headset-audio-caps.pdf
> but this isn't intended to be any official story, just something for
> people to try at their own risk.  Don't go near it unless you're
> confident you can handle the rework listed in there.

Thank you for making this document. Adding 47uF capacitors will put the 
cutoff at about 80Hz with 40 ohm headphones. Which is similiar to what 
we get from a simple home stereo system with no subwoofer.

Too bad there wasn't room for 200uF, as a good earplugs may work down to 
  20Hz. Still, a 80Hz cutoff should be much better than 4kHz! :-)

Helge Hafting

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