Using the FR as a bluetooth /wifi modem

Ed Kapitein ed at
Mon Mar 9 19:18:26 CET 2009

Al Johnson wrote:
> On Monday 09 March 2009, KaZeR wrote:
>> Hello list.
>> Last week i was in holidays, far away from home. And the Internet.
>> So i took my laptop, and setup a gprs connection using my Sony phone. Using
>> bluetooth it's done within a breath : setup a rfcomm channel to the
>> bluetooth serial port channel and you're almost done, using wvdial
>> So two things came to my mind :
>> 1) it would be nice to be able to do the same thing using the FR.
>> 2) it would be even nicer to share the gprs connection from the FR using
>> wifi
>> Anybody already tried this?
> I expect it to work more like some other SonyEricsson phones that present a 
> USB or Bluetooth network interface and allow the connecting machine to get 
> networking details over DHCP. FSO has 
> org.freesmartphone.Network.StartConnectionSharingWithInterface to do this, but 
> I don't know whether it's been implemented yet. 
> AdHoc connections may be possible over WiFi, but we can't behave as a 
> basestation.
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Slightly different, but  perhaps usable:

I use my FR as a router. The FR connects to internet over GPRS and i
connect my laptop top the FR over bluetooth.
Setting up the connection is done on the FR, you just need to use
masquerading with iptables and ip forwarding in the kernel.
It works rather well, although gprs is slow and ticket #2223 is not
solved yet.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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