Predictive text input for Openmoko

Al Johnson openmoko at
Tue Mar 10 14:10:57 CET 2009

On Monday 09 March 2009, Francis Tyers wrote:
> Hello,
> I was recommended to write to this list by PaulFert` from the #openmoko
> IRC channel.
> I'm interested in predictive text input for mobile phones, and came
> across Openmoko. I asked in the IRC channel and was pointed towards the
> Illume keyboard.
> This looks something like what I was thinking of, although it does error
> correction, not prediction, but that is much of a muchness.
> Basically, I'm wondering how I might be able to contribute dictionaries
> and / or word statistics to help expand the number of supported
> dictionaries. I'm mainly interested in Breton and Welsh, but have
> surface form dictionaries (in the form of morphological analysers[1])
> for a number of other "lesser used" languages.
> Any information or pointers to documentation would be gladly received.

The basic method of generating a dictionary for the illume keyboard is 
mentioned in the wiki [1], but doesn't include frequency information. The 
dictionary format has come up on the list a few times, including possible 
changes to the format. I _think_ it is still as described at the end of [2] 
but I'm not certain. There's an extended thread [3] discussing various 
dictionary approaches and how they may or may not work given different 


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