andy-tracking kernel?

maartenweyn maarten at
Tue Mar 10 16:41:00 CET 2009

After installing all possible kerners, bootloaders and kernels to get rid of
the WSOD (not after susped, just at any possible moment, when i'm not
touching the device) I installed QI and the andy-tracking kernel.
But my power down button does not work any more, usb as well( also not after
some reboots), The problem is that I can't really reboot any more, only
removing the battery.
The button does work to get the neo back out of suspend.

Anyone had this problem as well?

My device is Neo Freerunner
QI: qi-s3c2442-master-hist_3b8513d8b3d9615e.udfu     
kernel: uImage-moredrivers-GTA02_andy-tracking-d1a9cf85c8608601.bin and

thx in advance
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