Could you please clarify your opinion on BT audio issues on GTA01

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Wed Mar 11 21:01:44 CET 2009

Tim Niemeyer <tim.niemeyer at> writes:
> Hallo Paul,
> * Paul Fertser <fercerpav at> [11-03-09 19:36]:
>> Still it looks like asoc driver for GTA01 will need to be "backported"
>> from GTA02, but it's a matter of software, so it can be made to work.
> This?

It is a good move towards that indeed, thanks for that! :) Still i'm
afraid some other strange stuff left in the GTA01 driver like "moko
mode" etc. In fact, i see no reason for the drivers to differ
much. Another problem is that we still don't have a good way to
generate statefiles, which is needed for any sane audio work
(especially after some driver changes) :)

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