[QtExtended] Qt Extended 4.4.3 released

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Wed Mar 11 22:54:20 CET 2009

> On Monday 09 March 2009, HouYu Li wrote:
>> I think Lorn is not ready yet. I managed to setup one myself.
> OK - I'll send the echo cancellation patch to the list now as applied to your 
> 4.4.3 repository (I've created a local branch called chris for now).  The 
> 4.4.2 patch applied with no changes and no fuzz.
> cheers,
> Chris

Hi HouYu and Chris,
i am using QTE from your git repo. For me the echo cancellation patch
does work just for outgoing calls. If someone calls me, he has still

I think that the AT%N0187 is not sent before incoming call. The patch
adds it to many places, but the only right place IMO is before outgoing
and incoming call.

The outgoing is ok - it's function dialVoiceCommand(). The incoming -
i am not sure yet which function is the right place.

As first experiment i have put it in abortDial() function. Now if i
hang up (abort) dialing the AT%N0187 is sent and next incoming call is
without echo. I can even suspend my phone and the AT%N0187 effect

I am attaching my patch. My next step is to find a function that is
called before incoming call and send AT%N0187 there.

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