Anyone have ogg support in qt extended 4.4.3 ?

Lorn Potter lpotter at
Wed Mar 11 23:28:16 CET 2009

andrew howlett wrote:
> Hi qt users,
> ogg support is missing in all my qt extended 4.4.3 builds. (which is
> strange, because the tremor plugin and vorbis library are build ok, but I
> digress)
> Is it just me? Has anyone got ogg support in 4.4.3?
> Let me know if your ogg support is working or broken. If everyone's is
> broken then I will fix it.
> later,
> radagast

I think you might have to edit $QPEDIR/etc/mime.types and/or the MediaPlayer desktop file to add ogg
to the files the mediaplayer can recognize. Then run make install again.

Lorn 'ljp' Potter
Software Engineer, Qt Software R&D, Nokia Pty Ltd

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