Troubles with repo

Joel Newkirk freerunner at
Thu Mar 12 06:51:34 CET 2009

On Sun, 8 Mar 2009 15:05:10 +0100
Thomas Zimmermann <zimmermann at> wrote:

> Additionally there are a lot of Packages that don't contain a control
> file with depencies and so on:
> Form the packages in debian format are these:
> 0_tshark_1.0.99+svnr26030_armv4t.ipk            
> 0_wireshark-common_1.0.99+svnr26030_armv4t.ipk  
> 1_wireshark_1.0.99+svnr26030_armv4t.ipk         

> So if the authors of these packages can update them that would be
> great.

I contributed those three - sorry, I hadn't noticed they were in your
list. Strange, I downloaded the files from and they are
significantly smaller than the originals I uploaded.  They contain the
beginnings of the correct data, specifically debian-binary and the
start of data.tar.gz, but are truncated.  The tshark package, eg, is
supposed to be 106606 bytes, but the download from is only
65536 bytes.  In fact, all three are truncated to powers of two as well
- multiples of 4096 bytes...

I'll try resubmitting them yet again, though not until tomorrow.  (I'm
off to bed)  Clearly the files are getting broken at some point in the
process, I'll try to rule out upload.


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