Yet Another Screen Of Death

jeffrey.ratcliffe at jeffrey.ratcliffe at
Thu Mar 12 15:40:43 CET 2009

On Mar 12, 2009 3:25pm, Stefan Fröbe <frobiac at> wrote:
> As I was one of the first promoters of this fix I want to just update  
> that ( as announced by Andy in the associated ticket ) the git  
> commit "Fix jbt6k74 qvga_normal state handling" 83cf37799009 from Feb.  
> 25th fixed all resume issues I had - no more need for any special resume  
> handling !

Which distro are you using? With FSO Milestone 5.1 and the andy-tracking  
kernel+modules 15ca3dafb2662db4 from the 7th March. It fixed my resume  
problems, but USB stopped working.


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