Error running openmoko-sample

yacine khelkhal yacine.k at
Thu Mar 12 21:25:04 CET 2009


My setup:

   - Neo FreeRunner
   - 2008.08 as far I can tell from the command ( *cat /etc/version

I followed the tutorial on this
<>website to create my first
application and everything went OK until I got to
the step of running the application. I get the error message:

*Englightenment was unable to run the application:
The application failed to start


Any ideas about what is causing this runtime error? The compile and
packaging went fine. Could I be running the wrong desktop manager? Also, I
checked and *libelf0* is currently installed on my device.

Anything else I should do?

Thanks for any help or pointers I could go to read about.



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