date and GPS related questions

Fernando Martins fernando at
Thu Mar 12 22:19:05 CET 2009


1) I got the date reset to 1970 a few times. I was not paying attention 
but I guess this happens when battery is removed, i.e., there's no 
battery specific for the clock?

2) Several posts mentioned that GPS could only get the fix if date was 
correct, the requirements being within 1 sec precision. However, with 
the date/time completely messed up, GPS is getting the fix anyway (and 
it's fairly fast, 1 min or so). So, what's up? I'm using SHR unstable 
from January. Is the GPS driver (?) being to ignore dates before FR 
production, or something else?

3) While using tangoGPS and I enter a building, when I come out, a fix 
is not gotten until I reboot FR. Is this a known issue?  any quicker 
workaround than rebooting?

4) How can I avoid going into suspend mode? (alternatively, are Power 
Mng settings working in recent SHR testing?)

Regards and TIA,

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