date and GPS related questions

Fernando Martins fernando at
Sat Mar 14 10:35:37 CET 2009

Mike Montour wrote:
> Fernando Martins wrote:
>> 1) I got the date reset to 1970 a few times. I was not paying attention 
>> but I guess this happens when battery is removed, i.e., there's no 
>> battery specific for the clock?
> There is a backup battery. Make sure that the system time is being saved 
> to the hardware clock, e.g. "hwclock --utc --systohc".
I'm sure I did it, per Wiki page (no --utc) Next time I remove the battery, I'll 
pay more attention to the date.

BTW, the date was automatically set, somehow, some days later. Is this 
done when there is a phone call? (I have few phone calls).


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