Community effort: Browser review/comparison in wiki

Ed Kapitein ed at
Sat Mar 14 11:37:51 CET 2009

Risto H. Kurppa wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 14, 2009 at 10:26 AM, Ed Kapitein <ed at> wrote:
>> Hi Risto,
>> I took the liberty to add an IPv6  test to the test cases.
>> Please remove it if you feel the number of tests is getting to much.
>> Kind regards,
>> Ed
> I think it's a good to test, too, but does it set now some
> requirements for the host computer or wlan router, too, that they have
> to be ipv6-compatible? Is there a guaranteed (=command line?) way to
> test that a browser on Openmoko has the possibility of accessing  IPv6
> sites..?
> Thanks!
> r
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Hi Risto,

You obviously need ipv6  connectivity to reach, just as
you would need ipv4 connectivity to reach
a test could be: ping -c2 -w2 and ping6 -c2 -w2
if the first fails, you have no ipv4 link and if the second fails you
have no ipv6 link.
if both fail you have no ip link at all, or your name resolving isn't
working right.

With "requirements for the host computer" you mean the freerunner right?
the freerunner is capable of doing ipv6 in om2008.12 for sure. i guess
the other distro's are likely to be able to do ipv6 too, since it is in
the kernel for a *long* time now.
The router does not have to be able to do ipv6, you need at least a host
that can setup a ipv6 tunnel with a tunnel broker.
I think most linux distro's will be able to do so, so a linux host
acting as a ipv6 router would suffice.

But that is all a bit to far away from the goal of the review, if people
think "huh, ipv6? what's that?" then just skip the test.
kind of like "if you don;t know what it is, you don;t have it."

Kind regards,

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