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Chris Samuel <chris at> wrote:

> On Sunday 15 March 2009, Daniel Willmann wrote:
> > Timezone will be set according to the nationality of the GSM network
> > you're associated to. Since this is annoying for a couple of people
> > we'll probably make this optional/prompt for new timezone.
> Qt Extended has 3 options for this - Always, Ask and Off.
> Mind you I've never had Always or Ask work for me (in 4.4.2, not
> tried 4.4.3 yet) so I'm not sure if the functionality works in it, or
> whether it's just not finding what it expects to find.

I think (not sure) that Qt Extended uses the time(zone) cellbroadcast
messages which are broadcasted by some operators. In Germany for
example nobody sends these so the framework looks up the country code
of the GSM cell we're logged in and changes the timezone according to
the zone this country belongs to. This is
problematic/inaccurate/annoying for countries that span different
timezones like the USA, Russia, Australia.

Daniel Willmann
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