date and GPS related questions

Fernando Martins fernando at
Sun Mar 15 15:36:29 CET 2009

Daniel, many thanks for your replies, please see below.

Daniel Willmann wrote:
> Hello,
> On Thu, 12 Mar 2009 22:19:05 +0100
> Fernando Martins <fernando at> wrote:
> there is a backup battery, but in my experience it only takes a couple
> hours without battery until the time is lost again.
I never leave the battery out, I only take it out to reboot after a crash.

But now I wonder: usually I keep the phone switched off during the 
night, and since I use it rarely, sometimes I forget it switched off at 
home. Is it the case that, when FR is switched off, the main battery 
does not feed the backup battery? (yeah it sounds weird, the main 
battery would become the backup of the backup battery).
> So you're going in with a fix and when you come out you wont get a fix
> any more? How long are you staying in the building? 
1 hour is sufficient to become unable to get the fix back.

> Please check with
> the GPS tabs in zhone How many SVs have ephemeris before and after you
> are inside the building. Also check after you've left the building if
> you are seeing any signals from SVs and if the chip actually thinks
> there are SVs in the sky.
I don't have zhone installed but from using tangoGPS I remember it 
stated always 0 SV on the sky (e.g. 8/0). I don't think in tangoGPS I 
can see how many have ephemeris data (I though all of them had it).

I'll install zhone and do the checks.


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