date and GPS related questions

Fernando Martins fernando at
Sun Mar 15 17:14:23 CET 2009

Daniel Willmann wrote:
> I'm not sure I understand completely. I can't see why one wouldn't want
> to set the proper time (maybe with an offset option for people
> notoriously being late so they can set the clock to <real-time> + 5min).
> Could you explain some more what you mean by that?
Ok, this might not seem so rational, but it works for me: because I have 
to correct the time for several devices (wrist-watch, car, phone, etc), 
I just ignore all of those. In a couple of days, they'll be back to the 
correct time anyway :). The important point is that all my clocks are 
consistently wrong. If FR changes the timezone without me realising it, 
then I can be tricked into looking into the right time and wrongly add 
up one hour more on it. (it has happend that I fixed one clock and then 
get tricked by another - it can happen both under stress or total 
relaxation :-)

That's why (consistency) I would prefer to have manual control of time 
changes on FR, but I'm starting to feel I'm the nut job here :-)


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