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> Daniel Willmann wrote:
> > I'm not sure I understand completely. I can't see why one wouldn't
> > want to set the proper time (maybe with an offset option for people
> > notoriously being late so they can set the clock to <real-time> +
> > 5min).
> >
> > Could you explain some more what you mean by that?
> >   
> Ok, this might not seem so rational, but it works for me: because I
> have to correct the time for several devices (wrist-watch, car,
> phone, etc), I just ignore all of those. In a couple of days, they'll
> be back to the correct time anyway :). The important point is that
> all my clocks are consistently wrong. If FR changes the timezone
> without me realising it, then I can be tricked into looking into the
> right time and wrongly add up one hour more on it. (it has happend
> that I fixed one clock and then get tricked by another - it can
> happen both under stress or total relaxation :-)

Okay, I can totally understand that. But in that case you only want to
disable the timezone changes. You would still want your time to be
accurate to the second (of the timezone it is set to), would you not?

> That's why (consistency) I would prefer to have manual control of
> time changes on FR, but I'm starting to feel I'm the nut job here :-)

No, I'm all for control. But I need to understand what you actually
want before I can think about implementing it. :-)

Daniel Willmann
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