date and GPS related questions

Fernando Martins fernando at
Sun Mar 15 18:02:01 CET 2009

Daniel Willmann wrote:
>> But now I wonder: usually I keep the phone switched off during the 
>> night, and since I use it rarely, sometimes I forget it switched off
>> at home. Is it the case that, when FR is switched off, the main
>> battery does not feed the backup battery? (yeah it sounds weird, the
>> main battery would become the backup of the backup battery).
> That should work. I'm trying to reproduce that now. Does that also
> happen if you keep your FR switched off overnight or for a couple of
> hours? After that happens is your main battery drained completely or is
> it at about the same level before you turned your FR off?
It's not simple to give an accurate answer because I hardly need a 
mobile and even rarely look at the FR time. When I notice the date was 
reseted (which happened ~3 times in a couple of months) it's difficult 
to associate it with what I've done with the battery.

Usually (but not always) I charge it in the evening before switching it 
off (it's never fully charged because of GSM being ON). I don't recall 
ever being surprised by a (almost) drained battery. I never let the 
battery discharge completely (for known reasons). I will pay attention 
to battery & date in the mornings. If there is some other specific 
observation that could be useful let me know.
> IIRC 8/0 means the GPS thinks there are 8 SVs in the sky, but it uses
> 0 for the fix.
Yes, you are right.


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