shr- install zhone

Fernando Martins fernando at
Sun Mar 15 21:59:33 CET 2009

Robin Paulson wrote:
> 2009/3/16 Fernando Martins <fernando at>:
>> I wanted to install zhone on SHR (unstable from January 16th or so) to
>> check GPS data, but  when I tried
>> opkg install zhone
>> all I got was
>> An error ocurred, return value: -50512.
>> which I think means the package is not in the repository, or it uses a
>> different name (?)
>> Also, on the wiki page for zhone, it says how to install zhone in
>> Ubuntu, but not in FR.
>> What should I do to install zhone?
> i don't use shr, but try:
> opkg update
> opkg list|grep zhone
> to find out if it's there or not and what it's name is
Thanks, I had already grepped, without results, but had not done the update.

However, while updating I get the error below, of a package missing. I don't know how these repositories are organised and I suspect my unstable (from January) is consulting an unstable repository for a recent unstable?

Updated list of available packages in /var/lib/opkg/shr-armv4t
Updated list of available packages in /var/lib/opkg/shr-om-gta02
Collected errors:
 * Failed to download, error 404


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