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> Daniel Willmann wrote:
> > Okay, I can totally understand that. But in that case you only want
> > to disable the timezone changes. 
> I assume the default is to have "automatic timezone changes" enabled.
> I would like to go to a config file (no big need for UI) and change  
> "enabled" to "disabled" (or change 1 to 0). When I need to change the 
> date/time, I would go to an UI, which tests if (option=0 AND
> FR_timezone <> local_timezone), a button labeled "Adjust to local
> timezone" would become enabled.

Sure thing. Go to /etc/frameworkd.conf and look at the section
# Subsystem configuration for otimed
# a list of time/zone sources to use or NONE
timesources = GPS,NTP
zonesources = GSM

Just set timesources to NONE and nobody but you will meddle with the
time. Set zonesources to NONE and the same will be true for timezones.

> > You would still want your time to be
> > accurate to the second (of the timezone it is set to), would you
> > not?
> Personally yes, but I know people, as you also mentioned, who advance 
> their watches 5 min (or even 15 min) to help them be on time.
> Therefore I am inclined to say that in this case an automatic change
> after moving to another timezone should keep an existing shift on
> time. Is this problematic?

As I said setting timesources to NONE will just not change the time at
all. What isn't implemented, but I'd like to see is a configurable
offset from the current time so people could keep timesources enabled
and still have their clock be 5 minutes early. I don't see any problems
implementation wise, just that someone will have to do it.

Daniel Willmann
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