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Lorn Potter lpotter at trolltech.com
Mon Mar 16 00:49:48 CET 2009

Dale Maggee wrote:
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> Lorn Potter wrote:
>> I find the 'predictive' keyboard quite usable. You just need to forget  
>> what it is suggesting until you are finished with the word.
>> But for any language other than English, it might be a hassle.
> It isn't too bad, but it's very painful as soon as the word you're
> typing isn't in it's dictionary. It should always offer exactly what you
> typed as an option, regardless of whether it's in the dictionay or not:
> If I type "pwned", I should see both "pwned" and "owned" in the word list.
> It's also completely evil when you try to type just a single character,
> such as the word "I" or a full stop - I often have trouble tapping on
> these in the word list to get them to be added to what I'm typing -
> seems they're too small and require precise tapping.
> You should be able to add a word to the dictionary very easily, perhaps
> even automatically adding any word you type which isn't in the
> dictionary - I use *many* non-dictionary wrds wen im typin an sms, 2 da
> point where "language other than english' would describe it.

Just hold down on the letter you want to select. You will see a round 
'spy glass' thing pop up with your letter.

Lorn Potter
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