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Mon Mar 16 02:11:34 CET 2009

Dear colleges distributors,
Due Risto and Aapo initiative about programing contest, and the post
of Risto about "Pay for your Open Source software!" in his blog makes
me  realize than people like me with not enough time/skills to drive a
moderate/high complex software  project to success, can  collaborate
in more than just test or spread this will help
to boost any idea you have in mind and give a opportunity to earn some
money to people that have this time/skills you not have,  but It's
even greater than this , and this is the main reason I wrote this
message, we can JOIN efforts easily .

We are about 25 distributors around the world with different sizes and
points of view but surely we have a lot of coincidences on what
software we want to be able to offer to our costumers in the Neo, and
surely  we receive from costumers the same kind of inputs about what
they want. Surelly most of you, like me, doesn't have enough resources
to hire a developer or to move enough community critical mass to
fulfill  some of this needs alone... I don't know what you feel about
this but for me is a very frustrating situation.

But now the great news, we don't have to stay alone in that situation
:), initiative like cofundos can help us to share does needs and if
enough resources are joined and I'm not just talking about money, each
of us reach  developers dificult or imposible to reach by the others
for example, some of those needs can be successfully achieved.

To preach with examples I have started one of those projects myself
Voip on Neo Freerunner, but I'm not talking about fix Linphone to work
or port  ekiga, I'm talking about VoIP be supported in the core of the
distributions, using FSO and integrate it on Paroli to be as easy to
use like an standard gsm call, and the hole system can react to their
events through dbus... pretty, isn't it? ;) . Who will not pay a
couple of euros to have in his store a free phone able to do that...
doing that :)
Here is the link to the project
This is only an example, I ear about VoIP very often, and I know there
will be users even companies interested if they can switch from GSM to
wifi VoIP whatever an acces point is accesible for example.
Well sure you get the point :) now let me address to my ...

Dear Developers.
Don't be shy :) if you have the knowledge/time to provide a solution
that fulfill requirements just tell us to know if we can afford it or
not, the proposed example is
not a one day job i think will be quite amount of work, so I invite
development companies or groups to make offers too, taking in count
the solution has to be Free software and able to go upstream.
Also I invite all developers with a project in mind or even already
started but pending to finish/improve by lack of founds, may be you
find people interested in invest part of that money

Dear colleges users ,
There are only about 25 distributors but we are are about thousands
users, our support to those initiative we like is vital for them and
now we can have the opportunity to request features with more than
complains :) even an euro to demonstrate interest about a project or
feature requested will help to make it real quicker than waiting for
it and you will have the satisfaction to being part of the solution
instead of only an spectator.

Well... enough words for one post...

I will be glad to receive your comments

David Reyes Samblas Martinez
Open ultraportable & embedded solutions
Openmoko, Openpandora, GP2X the Wiz, Letux 400, Arduino
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