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Mon Mar 16 06:12:43 CET 2009

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W.Kenworthy wrote:
> Disable it - find the keyboard files and copy terminal.kbd over the top
> of default and numbers.  No dictionary, and terminal pops up nicely
> instead of those brain dead ones - you wont miss them, I dont.

Thanks for the suggestion Bill, but we're actually talking about QT
Extended, not 2008.X - we don't have those keyboards you're talking
about. FYI, QTe has:

* A (totally, utterly, completely useless) handwriting recognition method.

* A (almost completely useless, unless you happen to have a needle, 10
minutes, and are completely still - keys are so tiny I struggle with a
stylus) full qwerty terminal keyboard.

* A (not quite completely useless, but working towards it, as per our
discussion) 'predictive' keyboard, which the 2008.X one was obviously
based on at some point.

So, in QTe your input choices are SSH, complete shit, utter shit, or
just shit.

It's kinda like having to choose between death by disemboweling or death
by dismemberment.

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