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W.Kenworthy wrote:
> Sounds even worse than shr/2008x/FSO then - why oh why cant some of the
> time spent on keyboards for any OM version be put into something that
> works.

Oh, it's ass-and-a-half-of-full-cream-dairy-milk... ;)

Yeah, I can't fathom how something so simple could be fucked up so
completely, repeatedly... makes you wonder what the hell is going on in
less-visible areas, Although given the travesty that is 2008.x, nothing
would suprise me really.

> Never been able to run qt - always tried it on the SD card, which in
> hindsight, needed a slow clock.  Wasn't game to flash it as I needed a
> phone and if it didnt work on SD ...

I've never tried it on the SD card, only flashed it. Works *okay* most
of the time. All the software in 2008.x is simply the QTe software
hacked to run on X, basically what you get with QTe is kind of like a
version of 2008.x which isn't a total abomination - it's actually
somewhat responsive - pressing 'answer' actually answers the call,
rather than initiating a 10 second "preparing to think about acting on
your keypress" period. With QTe, at Idle, your CPU usage isn't sitting
at 20%! :O

Think of 2008.x as the bastard, horribly mutated and deformed offspring
of QT Extended and some deranged genetic scientist.

It also has it's bugs though:

* you need to reboot at least once a day or it'll just stop working,
period. (A call will come in, and you'll press 'answer' 300 times, and
nothing will happen. Eventually you'll just pull the battery and call
whoever was trying to call you).

* Also, as mentioned, typing an SMS (especially a long one) is a bit of
a joke, particularly if you're in a car / on a train - it takes so long
to type anything that you may as well just get yourself some carrier

* Often when you receive a call, it will come in twice, resulting in a
missed call from the same number at the same time.

* Whenever you answer a call, it will automagically (and very helpfully)
switch itself into speakerphone mode, which usually results in a
wonderful burst of ear-splitting feedback. This makes for an excellent
conversation point, and serves to liven up your day:




me: "Hang on a second"

(Switches to handset mode)

me: "Hello?"

caller: "Hello? Dale?"

me: "Yeah"

caller: "What the hell was that?!?"

me: "Oh, just my phone, it's a piece of junk."

caller: "Man, your phone really really sucks ass. I can't believe you
actually paid money for it. And I can't believe it *still* doesn't work!
you can usually fix anything! Linux must be really shit."

me: "Actually, linux is good, it's just OpenMoko that sucks ass. But
with the evidence you're seeing/hearing, I can't really argue it, can I?"

caller: "Nope. There's no way you'll get me using linux after seeing
your phone in action."

* Also, most/all messages in your inbox will be duplicated whenever you
recieve a new SMS, meaning that your inbox will fill up very quickly if
you don't delete your sms messages religiously. Moving these messages to
trash and emptying trash may or may not delete them from the inbox,
depending on the current weather conditions. This is obviously some
super-duper kind of backup mechanism, intended to stop me from
accidentally deleting SMS messages which I don't want anymore.

> I am finding shr much more usable than the others at the moment - but
> even it does have its "quirks" if you want to use it everyday.

I haven't tried SHR yet, can't be bothered with the bullshit involved
with backing up your phone, importing contacts, etc. Plus IIUC SHR is
based on FSO, which still doesn't have any PIM except for contacts
stored on the sim, and for me PIM is important.

I was very impressed with the last FSO I flashed, but PIM is the
dealbreaker for me there - I'm hanging out for FSO to have PIM
integrated, then I might actually have a phone.

(Well, actually, I'm not hanging out for it - I'm getting my money back
on this godawful abortion of a thing and buying a blackberry)

- -D

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