[QtExtended] Terminal

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Mon Mar 16 08:59:19 CET 2009

HouYu Li wrote(a):
> There will be a segmentation fault when closing the last terminal tab. 
> What to do with it?

Just noticed it too. The simple thing is to run it from ssh console,
maybe some hint is in output. Then comes gdb.

Not sure if i have time today - quite busy with work. I would prefer
to include this even that is segfaulting for 2 reasons.

1/ It would be nice to have commited the original source code - so that
    we can add patches to it.

2/ Terminal is so useful program that even segfault on exit is worth it.

If you dont want to commit this yet, no problem - i will fix the
segfault and send repaired version - but it can take some time, becouse
of my moneywork.


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