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Dale Maggee antisol at internode.on.net
Mon Mar 16 09:48:56 CET 2009

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This is not about agreeing or disagreeing, this is about Lorn's refusal
to acknowledge that there are issues with his software. All he has to do
is a) acknowledge that there are issues b) address the concerns I have
raised, rather than commenting that my use of the word "use-case" does
not fit his definition and c) stop the lying / idiocy he's currently

You'll note that at no point have I ever said that QT Extended isn't the
best software currently available for the FreeRunner - I will happily,
clearly, and unequivacobly state that QT Extended *is* the best software
currently available for the freerunner. However that doesn't mean it
isn't shit.

Personal attacks are merited, warranted, and infact neccessary when
somebody starts lying and/or being monumentally stupid, which is exactly
what Lorn has done today.

Yes, Lorn was one of the major developers of QT Extended, and credit
should be given where it's due:

Lorn, as one of the major developers of what is currently the best piece
of software available for the FreeRunner, I'd like to take this
opportunity to say that you have written a buggy piece of shit. Congrats
on that.

- -Dale

Franky Van Liedekerke wrote:
> To Dale (and in a lesser extent to Lorn):
> let's agree to disagree, shall we? Some like the predictive keyboard, some
> don't. There should be an easy way to disable the predictive part, for those
> that don't like it (or indeed the word you typed should always be the first
> suggested).
> But that aside: stop ranting please. I agree with you, Dale, that the
> keyboard needs work (well, it was my mail that started this all) but I also
> agree with Lorn that qtopia (the former name for qtextended) is by far the
> best distribution for the openmoko for now (no other even comes close to a
> pim, and qtextended imported all my contacts just nicely, with picture
> even).
> qtextended needs work, the keyboard needs work (in my opinion), etc ... we
> all now it :-) Personal attacks should be left aside here, Lorn was one of
> the major developpers of qtextended, and give credit where credit is due ...
> Franky
> On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 9:21 AM, Dale Maggee <antisol at internode.on.net>wrote:
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>> Lorn Potter wrote:
>>> Quite actually, I was using the predictive keyboard long before anyone
>>> on this list was, so yes, I have done this. Many times.
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