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I'm just going to address this in quick dot points:

> you must have a problem not related to Qt Extended at all.

My issue *is* with QT Extended. You suggesting that it is otherwise
indicates that you haven't read my emails properly / thoroughly. I'd
suggest you do that.

> Do you think someone is interested in your long and offensive mails

* I'm not interested in whether people want to read my opinion of the
software, or whether people take offense at it. What I am interested in
is expressing my concerns including a description of the issues I'm
seeing using the software. What I am *more* interested in is the
developer trying to tell me that my problems are not actually problems,
trying to pretend like his software is infallible and/or it's me at
fault, when it is clearly and demonstrably the software which is at issue.

> that have nearly zero information?

* My emails contain quite a lot of information, much of it highly
detailed. I'd suggest you read through them in their entirety with
detachment, rather than allowing their tone to feed your emotions and
provoke a kneejerk reaction.

> Don't you like the keyboard? Send a patch.

* Already addressed in my previous emails, try actually reading them to
find out what I said about this.

> If you have idea - write it down as short as it can be.

Yep, I did that, and Lorn proceeded to tell me that this "was not a
valid use case". Which is utter bullshit.

> If the idea's good someone will pick it up.

At least two people have replied agreeing with the issue, but not the
developer of the software. If you'd read my emails properly you'd most
likely also agree.

> Otherwise please stop spamming this list with this offensive nonsence.

1. I'll stop when Lorn acknowledges that his software is not perfect,
and apologises to me for effectively trying to tell me that the issues I
and others have with the software do not matter, or are imaginary.

2. Re-read my emails, they contain no "nonsence", and neither do they
contain any nonsense. I'd suggest you actually read them as a thread,
and you'll find that I have legitimate concerns, which Lorn refuses to

3. If you have a problem with this thread, filter it out. I'd suggest
actually reading it in entirety before you do so, though.

4. Please feel free to participate constructively to this thread ONCE

- -Dale

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