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roguemoko at roguewrt.org roguemoko at roguewrt.org
Mon Mar 16 11:42:08 CET 2009

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 07:27:57PM +1100, Dale Maggee wrote:
> > boot again, it been drying for a day, I'll leave it for a week and see 
> > what happens. If it fails to boot, I'm buying an iphone.
> Thanks for your support. It is clearly completely unacceptable to
> sidestep the issues and focus on semantics. burying your head in the
> sand doesn't make problems go away.

It's funny but I think I'm one of few people who will actually get out of
your mails what you are trying to get across, though you are clearly at
the end of a major bout of frustration, which I can't blame you for :)
You actually remind me of my father, that kind of wit and intellect
makes him a rather good businessman (and very high paid one at a very
large telco).

I too don't understand why some devs aren't willing to take a completely
presented and well constructed criticism, and admit that more could be done
(or redone). I don't think that anyone who has replied has understood that
prior to the use of colourful language, there was no acceptance of your
criticism or your opinion. Luckily, this is more a qte thing within the
OM world. All others have at least attempted to accomodate more useful
features, or ways of implementing additional features.

In some ways I'm tempted to think there was or is intent there. But
that would be their prerogative I suppose, which then comes back to
what is actually disclosed.

> That's bad news on the FR, although personally I wouldn't be too upset -
> you'll now be able to get a real, usable phone. And Personally I'd
> recommend blackberry's products over an iphone.

Hah! you are my father! hehe ...besides him owning every incantation,
I think it's actually a telco thing, they like their blackberries.

And I wasn't upset, funnily enough, it wasn't like actually losing a
phone, with the whole 5 contacts I bothered to store from the last flash.

I would buy a blackberry but:
1). I couldn't tell my dad ever!
2). I'm a gamer and love my toys.

Actually, 3). I can't help spending money on things that might do more
than they are suppose to :)

Some things turn out to do less, or other tasks entirely! ;)

> > If you think he is wrong, it takes a simple email to
> > ask the people and gain a consensus.
> Exactly. but we all know this isn't going to happen - how idiotic would
> you feel when the public survey agrees 98% to 2% that your input methods
> are absolute shit, especially after you've spent an afternoon defending
> your retarded position?

If nothing, I've been having a good ol' chuckle, prolly cause my phone
is dead, but it is good to see a passionate aussie on an open source
maillinglist :)

Doubt I'll be posting again on this list any time soon 
(but fingers crossed and hopefully I'm still welcome hehe).

Take it easy mate.


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