[QtExtended] some things

Lorn Potter lpotter at trolltech.com
Mon Mar 16 12:08:28 CET 2009

On 16/03/2009, at 7:57 PM, Dale Maggee wrote:


> seeing using the software. What I am *more* interested in is the
> developer trying to tell me that my problems are not actually  
> problems,
> trying to pretend like his software is infallible and/or it's me at
> fault, when it is clearly and demonstrably the software which is at  
> issue.

There is no 'the' developer. Qtopia was a project that had many  
developers. There were more than 30 developers of qtopia, not  
including the Qt part. Include that, and you near about 80.
I am quite flattered that you think I was a major contributor to  
Qtopia. In reality, I was only a major developer for the Neo device  

>> that have nearly zero information?
> * My emails contain quite a lot of information, much of it highly
> detailed. I'd suggest you read through them in their entirety with
> detachment, rather than allowing their tone to feed your emotions and
> provoke a kneejerk reaction.
>> Don't you like the keyboard? Send a patch.


> * Already addressed in my previous emails, try actually reading them  
> to
> find out what I said about this.

How can we when you just rant on and on and on?

>> If you have idea - write it down as short as it can be.
> Yep, I did that, and Lorn proceeded to tell me that this "was not a
> valid use case". Which is utter bullshit.

That's fine if you do not like my opinion, but that doesn't make it  
invalid. You need to separate opinions from facts, because you seem to  
be getting them mixed up.

>> If the idea's good someone will pick it up.
> At least two people have replied agreeing with the issue, but not the
> developer of the software. If you'd read my emails properly you'd most
> likely also agree.
>> Otherwise please stop spamming this list with this offensive  
>> nonsence.
> 1. I'll stop when Lorn acknowledges that his software is not perfect,
> and apologises to me for effectively trying to tell me that the  
> issues I
> and others have with the software do not matter, or are imaginary.

For one, it isn't MY software, and I never said it didn't have issues.

I have no reason to apologize. Show me where I stated your issues do  
not matter, or were imaginary?

What I told you was a way to work with the software, as it is. You  
could have found that out yourself, it you would have read the help to  
see how it works. It is not that complicated, but you must know how it  
works to use it correctly. Like driving a car.

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