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Chris Samuel chris at
Mon Mar 16 12:21:35 CET 2009

On Monday 16 March 2009, Daniel Willmann wrote:

> I think (not sure) that Qt Extended uses the time(zone) cellbroadcast
> messages which are broadcasted by some operators.

Yeah, I think you're right, the code says:

    The TimeUpdate service monitors time and timezone data from sources
    such as the modem and updates the system time and timezone accordingly.

I can't find where it actually polls the modem though.

> In Germany for example nobody sends these so the framework looks up the
> country code of the GSM cell we're logged in and changes the timezone
> according to the zone this country belongs to. This is
> problematic/inaccurate/annoying for countries that span different
> timezones like the USA, Russia, Australia

Yup, and don't assume that all TZ's are 1 hour apart, Adelaide is 30 minutes 
different from here.. ;-)

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