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A *big* "Thank You" to you for actually bothering to take the time to
read my emails in their entirety!

> I too don't understand why some devs aren't willing to take a completely
> presented and well constructed criticism, and admit that more could be done
> (or redone). I don't think that anyone who has replied has understood that
> prior to the use of colourful language, there was no acceptance of your
> criticism or your opinion. Luckily, this is more a qte thing within the
> OM world. All others have at least attempted to accomodate more useful
> features, or ways of implementing additional features.
> In some ways I'm tempted to think there was or is intent there. But
> that would be their prerogative I suppose, which then comes back to
> what is actually disclosed.

Yeah, it's very strange. In my opinion, there's only really one
explanation: Incompetence. Not necessarily incompetence in software
development, more a general failure at a human level. To be able to do
that, you'd have to not really care about the software you've written.
Personally, I want the guys who wrote all the software I use to put in
the same kind of dedication as I do into my projects - when a user comes
to me with really weird requirements, I see it as a challenge! I
immediately say to myself "How can I accommodate that".

This mentality of "that's not a problem" is ridiculous and as far as I'm
concerned harmful. I've dealt with people who take the "that's not a
problem" approach before, and I've seen their contracts come and go (and
they *do* come and go - invariably they piss off their clients, and
their contracts don't get renewed), and then I often get to redesign
their projects with some sanity and care, and they work much better, and
everyone is happy.

Yeah, it actually occurred to me today to me that Trolltech seem to be
doing their very best to get me to buy a Nokia... Strange, that... ;)

A couple of days ago I was actually thinking Nokia. Now, I'll be getting
a blackberry after today's little debacle, just in case.

In fact, I might just point that out to somebody at Nokia's PR
department: "Congratulations: an employee of one of your subsiduaries
has just ensured that I will never purchase another Nokia, and that I'll
tell all my friends to steer clear of Nokia products from now on."

> Hah! you are my father! hehe ...besides him owning every incantation,
> I think it's actually a telco thing, they like their blackberries.

hahaha... and you know what? I work at a telco... but I don't remember
ever having kids! I deny everything! ;)

> I would buy a blackberry but:
> 1). I couldn't tell my dad ever!
> 2). I'm a gamer and love my toys.
> Actually, 3). I can't help spending money on things that might do more
> than they are suppose to :)
> Some things turn out to do less, or other tasks entirely! ;)

hehe, well in that case, I guess an iphone is probably your best bet. My
major issue with the iphone is their app store crap, and then there's
the non-removable battery. Plus it's Apple. I'm not really into mobile
gaming (I play my games on a 2.5m Projector screen!), so that's not an
issue for me.

although right now I'd choose Apple over Nokia!

> If nothing, I've been having a good ol' chuckle, prolly cause my phone
> is dead, but it is good to see a passionate aussie on an open source
> maillinglist :)

Well I'm glad that *somebody* is reading my mails and actually getting
them - facts, humor, vicious stabs, and all...

- -Dale
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