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Aah, the fun continues...

> because just perhaps I have an insight in how one is supposed to  
> actually be using it.

I think it's pretty clear at this point that the word "insight" is
completely foreign to you.

Wow, I have to give you credit - you certainly are good at completely
ignoring damning evidence and not answering questions directly put to
you multiple times. Ever considered a career in politics? You'd fit in
really well there!

How Long does it take to type your address on your freerunner, using the
methods described...errr...three(?) emails ago? and now, how long does
it take on your PC?

How long did it take you to type up my sample sms on your FR running
QTe? and why did you do that "Many Times", as you claim? seems like
wasted effort to me...

> The list of input methods was actually depreciated. What you are  
> seeing is that someone didn't have the time or inspiration to remove  
> that from the neo's theme.

Translation from asshat to english: "The software is shit. We couldn't
be bothered doing it properly, and our test plans and use cases, which
we value more highly than actual real-world scenarios, are a joke. Oh,
and I'm still going to ignore all your concerns and refuse to answer the
questions you've posed."

> correction: _you_ don't care what the software was designed to do.

Again, you demonstrate your ignorance in a shining example of your
inadequacy as a both a human being and a software developer. It's pretty
obvious from this statement that you've never even bothered to speak
with an end-user. Your "correction" is fundamentally flawed and
incorrect, and my original statement remains valid.

> No, I didn't say that.

You really are a shifty motherfucker, I'll give you that. I just
absolutely love the "oh, that's not what I said", without any
explanation of what you actually *did* say, or addressing the concerns I
raised. Brilliant.

It's getting to be a recurring theme, though, what with you
contradicting yourself in your previous email via the same mechanism.
Maybe next time you should try something different, like... oh, I don't
know... maybe... being honest? Addressing the issues I've raised? I know
that's not "your style", but maybe you could try it, just for something
completely different?

> I can't believe you failed to read the help for the input method.  
> Actually I can.
> In fact, I can even edit those misspellings, but I will leave that as  
> an endeavor for the reader.

So basically what you're saying is that an intuitive interface is
optional, not really desirable because you know how to use it, and
really just too much effort...

> [snip useless drivel]

This "useless drivel" Lorn refers to is me demonstrating that Lorn is
either lying or a complete retard. The fact that he refuses to even
acknowledge this and attempted to trim it from all further
correspondence indicates to me that it's malice, not stupidity.

I'll restore this in the vain hope that perhaps he might address it,
rather than ignore it as he has consistently done all afternoon:

> > No one said to use the little qwerty keyboard with fingers.


Lorn Potter wrote at 12:41pm:
> >Then you can easily switch to the qwerty keyboard.

Lorn Potter wrote at 12:41pm:
> > You can even use this with big fingers and hit in between letters
> > and it will still work (suggestively) well.

Now, we were discussing the predictive keyboard, and you told me that I
"could easily switch to the qwerty keyboard"... which qwerty keyboard
were you referring to, exactly, if not the little qwerty keyboard? There
are only two: the predictive keyboard and the qwerty keyboard. Unless
you're trying to tell me that there's a difference between 'keyboard'
and 'docked keyboard'.

I call "bullshit".

Lorn, you're either completely full of shit, or you have no idea what
the fuck you're talking about. Due to the old adage "never attribute to
malice that which can be explained by stupidity", I'll give you an
opportunity to publicly apologise and explain exactly what the hell
you're on about...

>> the way it works, because IT DOESN'T WORK THE WAY YOU'RE SAYING.
> It does.

No, it doesn't. You're either a liar or a fucking retard. I lean towards

If you're a liar, you're *also* a fucking retard - when lying, the
non-retard would come up with a *credible* lie, which you're not even
bothering with... Or is it that you're just not clever enough?

> You have absolutely no idea which parts of Qtopia I worked on, so you  
> cannot say I have done a bad job, when in fact, I had no contact with  
> this code.

I didn't say "Bad", I said "shit", which is worse than bad.

and, Yeah, I can: Watch me: "You've done a shit job."

Regardless of any contact you may or may not have had with the code, or
your contributions or lack thereof to qtopia, you have done a shit job.

Firstly, where's the QTe release that was coming in December? why such
inadequate communication? You've done a shit Job.

Secondly, you've done an absolutely abysmal job today. Refusing to
acknowledge or address my concerns, as far as I'm concerned, means that
you're just a fucking wanker who has no sense of pride in his work, and
would rather pretend that a product is adequate, when it's clearly not,
than even acknowledge it's faults. This is a *SHIT JOB*, and you've done
it. Hence, sing it with me:


> I suppose, 'those that cannot do, just complain and expect someone  
> else to fix things for them'.

See, yet again, you're wrong... I guess nobody should be suprised by
this at this point, because you have such a legacy of being wrong this
afternoon, not to mention deceptive, ignorant, arrogant, immoral, rude,
and stupid. Which is what I'd expect of the complete and utter wanker
you've demonstrated yourself to be this afternoon. All I wanted was
acknowledgment that the problem I described exists. I never said "Fix it
Now", or anything or the sort. I raised an issue with the software,
based on real-world usage, and you effectively told me that it wasn't a
problem, that the problem I'm having is a result of how I'm using it. I
suggested a way that this problem could be fixed, with a very minimal
change, and keep everybody happy, and you failed to even acknowledge
that I had made a suggestion. Instead, you dismissed it offhand by
trying to tell me that I need to use it differently (providing
information which does *not* solve the issue I raised), demonstrating
your contempt for the process of user-feedback and a complete lack of
professionalism. Other people agreed with me, and still you have
categorically refused to acknowledge the problem, or even to perform the
tests I have provided in order to demonstrate it. You have not directly
answered one single question I have posed to you with relation to the
issues I raised, preferring to avoid actually discussing the issue by
instead focusing on my choice of words.

Basically, you're:

a) Full of shit: Deceptive and evasive.
b) Quite stupid to think I would swallow the shit you're trying to feed me
c) Incompetent. A developer worth his salt would acknowledge the issue
and at least consider ways of dealing with it, rather than trying to
bury his head in the sand
d) Unsuited to be in a public-facing role, as you clearly lack the
decorum to respond adequately to criticism. Sarton even pointed this out
to you, and still you proceeded to respond inappropriately. In addition,
sending such unprofessional emails from your company address might have
been a really, really, really bad thing for you to do - are you
representing the company here? Does Trolltech / QT / Nokia / whatever
you're calling yourselves these days also take the "That's not a problem
because I say so" approach? If so, I'll have to remember to avoid them
at all costs in all my future endeavours.  You'll be fucking lucky if I
don't give Trolltech a call in the morning to complain about this - If I
was you, I'd head for the Boss' office first thing - maybe you'll get to
him before me, and you'll get a chance to tell your (false) side of the

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