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Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 17:53:05 CET 2009

Q1: What's the status of revised and improved OpenMoko
hardware? Back in the day there was talk of GTA03
intended to be a modest refresh incorporating
better radio that supports Edge, better GPS, a camera
and a redesigned case. Not sure if GTA03 will support
a second, externally accessible SD card slot, but one
can only dream.

It's mid-March 2009. If GTA03 is not ready for
alpha test fairly soon, one wonders whether this
promising OpenSourec Hardware and Software
project may have (unfortunately!) failed to achieve
critical mass. I hope not.

Q2: (may be contentious)
GTA03 is nice, but is incremental. One can easily imagine
that OpenMoko team can design and bring to life
a MUCH more interesting next mobile device, even given
the (severe!) constraints of the unique underlying
"every bit must be open" that puts a LOT of
very attractive technology out of bounds.
Ron K. Jeffries
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