GPS emergency call standards

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Tue Mar 17 14:58:10 CET 2009

Harald Welte wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 12:06:20PM +0100, Tilman Baumann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm just wondering if there are any open standards for emergency  
>> services for location.
>> I'm thinking about services like  
>> (European, websites in other languages should be available)

I have asked them. They are basically not prepared to share any 
information on details.
It is somehow a service they provide, but how it is implemented is unknown.

Reply to my question if I might have some information to make my phone 
use their service, the answer was 'there are many phones which support 
Yes, and I want to become one of them. But this is to much to ask from 
them. Stupid fuckers.
I'm sure they did not even understand what I was asking. :-/

eCall seems to be a more open system, but still no real informations to 
find. And it as a slightly different focus too.

>>   A SMS to the respective emergency (112, 911) number containing the  
>> GPS position could be a start, but then someone has to read it.
>> I would guess there is a standard for a computer readable format.
>> Building a emergency call app would be a nice thing to have.
>> PS: According to Wikipedia, 112 works on all GSM networks no matter if  
>> the number is a emergency number in tie state.
> that depends on what the network operator does.

Yep, but there seems to be some international agreement on the 
significance of 112.
I don't have any quote yet, but as far as I understood it is even 
required to by the GSM standards. But that might be wrong.

> The SIM card has a list of
> emergency numbers.  If you call one of those numbers, or make an emergency
> call without a SIM card inserted, the phone will do itts request for a physical
> channel indicating its a EMERGENCY call, and then use EMERGENCY SETUP instead
> of SETUP, so the network can decide to rather kill somebody elses call and free
> resources for your emergency call in case the cell is otherwise full.

That would be a great thing to have indeed. This needs to be included in 
the (FSO) dialer/contacts framework. Including the other special numbers 
the sim has, like ones own.

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