[QtExtended] some things

Russell Hay russellh at ysmail.net
Wed Mar 18 13:11:24 CET 2009

hear hear - take it elsewhere.

That said, having had involvement in a similar situation elsewhere,
it's always emotional when a project moves from a closed pool of
developers into the an open source model. Exactly the same issues and

2009/3/18 Chris Samuel <chris at csamuel.org>:
> On Wednesday 18 March 2009, Dale Maggee wrote:
>> Personal insults are completely valid and infact necessary when someone
>> provokes me by lying to me and/or being an idiot.
> I'm sorry but I disagree entirely, if you have to resort to that then you have
> already lost the argument.
> Now will both of you please take this flame war to private email where it
> belongs.
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