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Sebastian Hammerl list-openmoko at omoco.de
Fri Mar 20 11:27:17 CET 2009

arne anka schrieb:
>> Cellhunter tries to read out your $HOME variable. when NOT set it goes
>> to /home/root (line 536)
> that seems to be a very strange fallback
> - where is root's home below /home/? so far i've seen it in oe only
> - why is the user "root" assumed?
On every openmoko distro like fso or shr the user is root with home

normally $home should be set. I think other programs will have problems
too without this. /tmp is a bad idea because its only tmpfs and deleted
everytime it boots up. but an other dir would be better, yes

> a sane fallback would be /tmp, which usually exists everwhere and is r/w  
> for everyone.
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