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Fri Mar 20 15:06:03 CET 2009


First thing I want to apologise for crossposting, I tried popsting this in
the hardware section, then realised I was not a subscriber to that mailing
list.  Maybe that post will not go through, in which case it won't matter. 
Here we go.

Speaking as a fanboy of the Freerunner and everything Openmoko does I can't
help but be disheartened by the fact that the noise on my Neo is still
preventing me from using it as a phone.  Lately I've hardly used it at all,
because it kind of feels like it will never be fixed and I get depressed
when I look at it.  Seeing as I have been offline for a bit regarding the
freerunner I may have missed any new information about the fix, so in case
I've got it all wrong please point me in the right direction.

I've had it for more than half a year now, and the progress made on so many
levels is great.  I love the freedom and all the different distros.

So two questions:
1.  Will there ever be an official fix from
Openmoko/Truebox/WhicheverSupplierYouBoughtItFrom.  By fix I don't mean just
instructions on how to do-it-yourself, but a route for non-soldering users
to get the fix applied.  If not, just say so,  I don't want to wait and hope
if there will be no change.
2.  Has anyone in London applied this fix succesfully?  I'd be willing to
pay to get this sorted.

I feel like one of those moaning idiots on the mailing lists that I usually
hate, but I just need this clarified.

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